Super Mario Pac

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Play Mario in a different and addictive way


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Mario is one of those characters we love a lot. We have tested lots of remakes of Super Mario Bros and games where Mario is the main character, but today we have to highlight this wonderful mix of Super Mario and JetPack.

In this addictive game we will move our favorite Italian plumber with arrow keys, but look at his back, he is wearing a water-powered jetpack that allows him fly and fire water drops to the evil fishes that try to kill him.

Your goal is to collect the different green parts that will appear on screen and rebuild the famous Green pipe that gives you access to the next level. You will have to show off your skills, because at first it is easy, but it gets harder and harder.

You can use the jetpack to fly and fire and when you run out of water you will have to go to the pond and reload it while having a bath.

Fantastic adaptation of Mario that will trap you helped by that music that will make you remember old times.